Winter 2021

Writing Fiction (Syllabus)

Lecture Videos on Craft

Mini Lecture:  Description

Mini Lecture:  Characterization

Mini Lecture:  Dialogue

Mini Lecture:  Plotting/Pacing


English 390: History of Criticism (Syllabus)

Selected Lecture Videos

Sappho and Eros

Hildegard and Medieval Mysticism

Descartes and Sor Juana

Frances Burney and Composition

Margaret Price and Neurodiversity


Writing Fantasy (Syllabus)

Lecture: Fantasy Genres and Craft

Past Courses

English 801: Medieval Materialisms

English 387: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

English 331: Eighteenth-Century Sexualities

English 395: Queer Theories

English 387AN: Teen Fictions

English 325: Arthurian Literature

English 300: Chaucer

English 100: Literature and Composition

English 110: Monsters in Literature