Path of Smoke


Book Two in the Parallel Parks Series with Ace/Penguin

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In Wascana Park, they’re ordinary university students. But after midnight, when the park transforms into the magical kingdom of Anfractus, they become warriors, bards, and archers in a real-life role-playing game…

In Pile of Bones, the company of heroes defeated a political coup engineered by the Basilissa.  But at what cost?  Andrew’s sacrifice means that he no longer remembers the existence of the magical park.  As his friends try to protect him–hoping he’ll be able to return someday–the monstrous satyrs known as silenoi plan on invading the real world.  Plains University isn’t ready for this mythic attack.  And with Andrew cut off from any knowledge of what they’re doing, the incomplete company must find a way to repel these invaders, or risk a confrontation that could destroy them all.

Fresh Fiction:  “For fans of intense role-playing fantasies, Path of Smoke offers a complex world where power shifts back and forth in the shadows, dangerous players remain hidden until they’re ready to land the fatal blow, and flawed heroes struggle to do what is needed to save their friends and their world.”

Goodreads:  “These books are addictive. I love the rich worlds, the characters… I can’t seem to get enough, and I’m loving it.”

Amazon:  “Funny, engaging, and poetic–a lovely read and a fitting continuation of the series. Looking forward to the next installment!”