Inhuman Resources


Book Three in the Occult Special Investigator Series with Ace/Penguin

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When it comes to murder, all you need to know is in the blood.

After defeating a primordial demon in A Flash of Hex, Tess Corday hopes that her job as an OSI might go back to “normal,” or whatever qualifies in Vancouver’s paranormal community.  But when a powerful necromancer dies under mysterious circumstances, she finds herself drawn in to an investigation involving her sometimes-boyfriend, Lucian, and a shadowy realm that she didn’t even know existed.  In order to solve this case, she’ll have to brush up on her art appreciation, find an old vulture who collects magical artifacts, and take a trip to a world that just might giver her another clue to her past–or ruin her life in the process.  

Smexy Books:  “A truly enjoyable urban fantasy filled with magic, romance, and crime fighting that pits semi-human Tess Corday against all that goes bump in the night.”

Green Man Reviews:  “I love this series with a passion…[especially] the juxtaposition of modern science (verging on the futuristic sometimes) and weird magic.”