Infernal Affairs


Book Four in the Occult Special Investigator Series with Ace/Penguin

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Facing the world’s nightmares is her job.  Now she’s about to face her own.

Tess Corday’s job gets even weirder as she investigates the case of an inter-dimensional refugee.  She’s already sharing a full house with her telepath partner, his profiler boyfriend, and two adopted vampire runaways.  Now she has to protect her client from a malevolent force that’s all too familiar.  With the help of an inter-species lawyer, and some forbidden magic, Tess will follow this case to its dangerous conclusion.  She’ll never be the same.

Dangerous Romance Reviews:  “Filled with snark, wit, emotion, and charm.”

Owlcat Mountain Reviews:  “Infernal Affairs has everything that’s best about the paranormal mystery genre, and it continues to get better.”