A Flash of Hex


Book Two in the Occult Special Investigator Series with Ace/Penguin

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Sometimes discovering the truth means giving in to what you fear the most.

After her run-in with a magical conspiracy in Night Child, Tess Corday just wants a bit of down time. But a series of occult murders in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side neighbourhood pulls Tess into an investigation that will force her to dig up buried secrets from her past. Along the way, she’ll meet runaway vampires, paranormal social workers, and possibly even a family member that she thought was gone for good. She’ll also blur the lines between good and evil as she becomes the target of an age-old demonic force that’s hunting some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable residents. Will it finally give her the answers? Or destroy her life completely?

Romantic Times had this to say about A Flash of Hex:

“This procedural murder mystery with a biting supernatural edge is enhanced by the interplay of terrific characters. Battis delivers big-time, so make sure to add this series to your must-read pile.”

The Sacramento Book Review describes Hex as “a credible mix of science and magic.”

Darque Reviews praised the novel’s characterization: “The aspect most likely to capture the reader’s attention is the author’s talent in developing charming characters who are passionate in both their professional and personal lives.”

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